Patient Testimonials

My name is Julie Borruso. I have been a participant in Dr. Lara’s Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Program for 3 years. I was originally being treated with “pellet” hormones by another doctor. Unfortunately, that method did not work for me resulting in a decline in my health. Once I met with doctor Lara regarding my symptoms and history, he immediately took charge. He created a program consisting of the correct hormones and hormone dosage for me which immediately resulted in positive results! Dr. Lara monitors my hormone levels along with my overall health every 3 months and is available sooner if needed. He is very thorough, compassionate and shows his true concern for my overall health and happiness EVERY time I meet with him! Dr. Lara is continuously learning and growing and sharing this knowledge with his patients.

I am over the moon happy with my health from being on Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. I have never felt better.
Thank you Dr. Lara and staff. I would NOT be the woman I am today with them!
– Julie Borruso

The weight loss program has been responsible for a definite change in my lifestyle. I hear people saying “ yeah, I went on the diet and then put all the weight back on.” Well, duh, if you go back to eating and drinking like you were before you lost the weight, WHAT do you expect! I went from a large 46 waist to a 36 and after a year I’m almost still there. Cesar has me on a short term fast right now so I can lose a couple pounds quickly and stop my “ bad” habits. I refuse to ever gain weight back! Now, for the BHRT. When I was 35 the hair on my stomach and chest went totally white. In three months it has all of the color back. Go figure. I have by far more energy than I’ve had in a LONG time. My last blood work was out of sight! My cholesterol was always in the 300 area. It’s now 178. LDL/HDL just where they should be same for triglycerides and sugar. As for the area that people associate with testosterone? Hah,ask my wife! When your doctor tells you that your testosterone is just where it “should” be for your age…..go see Dr. Cesar Lara!!!! Why did I wait so long.
– J. Harrison Smith

I’ve been going to Dr Lara for BHRT for several years now. I truly appreciate his genuine concern for my wellbeing.
– Henry-Kristen Thomas

I’ve been working with Dr. Lara for several years now. I have achieved significant results in both his BHRT program in weight loss program. At 40 years old, I feel better than I ever have before. I have far more energy and feel so much better since losing 50 pounds. It’s all because Dr Lara takes great care of his patients and he invests personally in their health journey.
– Westley Richters

It was about 2 years ago that the anxiety and depression hit me. I had no idea what was going on. I never had a problem with depression. When I read that depression was also part of diminishing hormones I wondered if that could be my problem, even though I was past menopause. I first started on the weight loss program. After about a month I met with Dr. Lara to discuss the HRT program. I started and was amazed how quickly the anxiety and depression lifted. Almost a year later I faced a devastating loss. My husband passed away very suddenly and unexpected. Two months later, my sister passed away. I have been going through such a tough time trying to move on with my life, and define myself without my other half. I can honestly say that if I were not on HRT I probably would not have made it through these past 7 months. The depression was so severe two years ago that I probably would have killed myself after my husband passed away. So, I can honestly say HRT saved my life.
– Carol Gunn